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The public is able to view the books listed below. Unfortunately, you are not able to take them home.  If you wish to view any of these books, you may call 519-472-3553 to set up an appointment.

David Thomson Library & Books Donated by Ken Smith

Flowers & Flower Culture
Agriculture Canada – Annual Flowers for Canada
Beck, Alison & Renwald, Kathy (Lone Pine Publishing) – Perennials for Ontario
Brooklyn Botanical Garden – Handbook on Roses
Bruce, Hal – How to Grow Wildflowers, Trees, & Shrubs in Your Garden
Chesshire, Charles – Clematis, Inspiration, Selection, & Practical Guidance
Cox, Jeff & Marilyn – The Perennial Garden
Countryside Books – Garden Bulbs for Fall Planting
Dennis, John – The Wildlife Gardener
Fell, Derek – Essential Bulbs
Ferguson, Mary & Saunders, Richard – Canadian Wildflowers Through the Seasons
George, Pamela – Lilies
Halpin, Ann – The Naming of Flowers
Harkness, Philip – Reliable Roses
James, I. D. – Orchids
Knapp, Sandra – Plant Discoveries
Larke, Stan – Favourite Flowers for Canadians
Lima, Patrick – Harrowsmith Perennial Gardens
McGeorge, Pamela - Lilies
Murray, Elizabeth – Essential Annuals
Phillips, Roger & Rix, Martyn (Firefly) – Best Rose Guide-A Comprehensive Selection
Rees, Yvonne – Wildflower Gardening
Rice, Graham – The Sweet Pea
Richards, John – Primula
Rittershausen, Wilma & Brian – Orchids
Sheen (Meerhurst) – The Celebration Flower-Project Book
Stops, G. J. & Pipkin, James – The Country House Garden
Taylor’s Pocket Guide – Annuals
Taylor’s Pocket Guide – Bulbs
Taylor’s Pocket Guide – Roses
Time/Life Books – Roses
Underwood Crockett, James – Wildflower Gardening
Marinelli, Janet – Going Native

Gardens & Gardening
Allison, James (White Cap) – Water in the Garden
Boisset, Caroline – Vertical Gardening
Brickell, Christopher – Essential Gardening Techniques
Brookes, John – Room Outside
Brookes, John – The Country Garden
Brookes, John – The Small Garden
Clifton, Joan – Climbing Gardens
Cruso, Thalassa – Making Things Grow Outdoors
Cunnington, Yvonne – Cluelessness in the Garden
Cushnie, John – Shrubs for the Garden
Daniels, Stevie – The Wild Lawn Handbook
Day, Sonia – The Plant Doctor
Day, Sonia – The Urban Gardener
Douglas, William L. – Hillside Gardening
Eaton, Nicole & Weston, Hillary – In a Canadian Garden
Fawcett, Brian – The Compact Garden
Fish, Margery – Gardening in the Shade
Greig, Denise – Ornamental Foliage Plants
Grosselin, Heather & Johnson, Bob – The Urban Outback-Wetlands for Wildlife
Halpin, Anne M. – The Window Box
Harrowsmith – Northern Gardener
Harper, Pamela J. – Designing with Perennials
Huxley – Anthony – The Painted Garden
Kramer, Jack – Natural Gardens
Llewellyn, Roddy – Elegance & Eccentricity
Lloyd, Christopher – The Well-Tempered Garden
McHoy, Peter M. – Garden Ornaments & Statuary
Millard, Scott – All About Ground Cover
Olser, Mirabel – A Gentle Plea for Chaos
Paterson, Allen – Plants for Shade & Woodland
Patterson, Freeman – The Garden
Pelt, Van & Bell, Leonie – The Fragrant Year
Perry, Frances – Scent in the Garden
Phillips, Roger & Rix, Martyn – Annuals & Biennials
Plumptree, George – Garden Ornament
Reinhardt, T. & M. & Moskowitz, Mark – Ornamental Grass Gardening
Schultz, Warren – The Chemical-Free Lawn
Smit, Dan & den Hartogh, Nicky – Cacti, The Flowering Garden
Smith, Ken – Gardening
Smith, Ken – Gardening 11
Smith, Marnie – A Country Garden for Your Backyard
Swindells, Philip – The Water Garden Encyclopedia
Thomas, Graham Stuart – The Art of Planting
Toogood, Alan – The Flower Garden
Verey, Rosemary –The Scented Garden

Grenier Simmons, Adelma – Herbs Through the Seasons at Caprilands
Tolley, Emelie & Mead, Chris – Herbs
Zabar, Abbie – The Potted Herb

Historic Gardens
Bisgrove, Richard – The Gardens of Gertrude Jekyll
Bond, James & Tiller, Kate – Blenheim – A Landscape for a Palace
Brown, Jane – Gardens of a Golden Afternoon
Brown, Jane – Lanning Roper & His Gardens
DeMedici, Lorenza – The Renaissance Italian Gardens
Jacques, David – Georgian Gardens
Thomas, Graham Stuart – Recreating the Period Garden
Turner, Roger – Capability Brown
Wood, Louise – Behind Those Garden Walls in Historic Savannah

Indoor Gardening
Agriculture Canada – Growing House Plants
Agriculture Canada – Care of Foliage Plants
Boyd, Lizzie – Window Gardens
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens – African Violets & Their Relatives
Cruso, Thalassa – Making Things Grow
Donaldson, Stephanie & Berry, Susan – Plants for Small Spaces
Duff, Gail – Natural Fragrances
Dutta, Reginald – Water Gardening Indoors & Out
Ortho Books – The Facts of Light About Indoor Gardening
PET Library – Know Your Aquarium Plants
Philone Pascal P. – Diseases & Pests of Ornamental Plants
Rees, Yvonne & Palliser, David – Conservatory Gardening
Reeves, Ken – Plants Answers That Work
Bradshaw, John – The Indoor Plant Primer

International Gardening
Bush-Brown, James & Louise – America’s Garden Book
Coats, Peter – Great Gardens of Britain
Connolly, Sybil & Dillon, Helen – In an Irish Garden
Dickson, Elizabeth – The English Garden Room
Hannau/Garrard –Flowers of Bermuda
Hunt Williams, Dorothy – Historic Virginia Gardens
Jeckyll, Gertrude – Gardens for Small Country Houses
Loewer, Peter – American Gardens
Louden, John C. – In Search of English Gardens
Masson, Georgina – Italian Gardens
Miller, Naomi – Heavenly Caves
Murck, Alfreda – The Chinese Garden Court
Murray, Elizabeth – Monet’s Passion
Rouse Jr., Park – When Williamsburgh Woke Up
Southern Accents Press – Gardens of the South
Souvenir Books – The Gardens of Chatsworth
Williamsburgh Foundation – The Gardens of Williamsburgh
Woodbridge, Kenneth – The Stourhead Landscape
Fleming, Laurence – The English Garden
Keswick, Maggie – The Chinese Garden

Landscape Gardening
Austin, Richard L. – Designing the Natural Landscape
Balston, Michael – The Well-Furnished Garden
Barwick, JoAnn – House Beautiful – Outdoor Living & Gardens
Boisset, Caroline – Town Gardens
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens – Creative Ideas in Garden Design
Burgess. L. M. – Garden Art
Cowell, F.R. – The Garden as a Fine Art
Diekelman, John & Schuster, Robert – Natural Landscaping
Fell, Derek – Garden Accents
Fell, Derek – Garden Designs & Structure
Gottehrer, Dean M. – Natural Landscaping
Grow, Lawrence – Outdoor Living Spaces
Hayward, Gordon – Garden Paths
Idea Books – Decks & Patios
Jarrell, Temple R. – Bike Ways
Kelly, John – Ferns in Your Garden
Maguire, Jack – Outdoor Spaces
Moore, Charles W. – The Poetics of Gardens
Nicholson, Robert – Colour in Your Winter Garden
Ortho Books – Bird Houses & Feeders
Owen, Jane – Eccentric Gardens
Pavord, Anna – Foliage
Smyser, Carol M. – Nature’s Design
Sternberg, Guy & Wilson, Jim – Landscape with Native Trees
Stevens, David – Pergolas, Arbors & Gazebos
Strombeck, Janet & Richard – Bridges & Cupolas
Strombeck, Janet & Richard – Privy
Strong, Roy – Small Garden Designer’s Handbook
Wilkinson, Elizabeth & Henderson, M. – The House of Boughs
Wilson, Andrew – Garden Style Source Book
Wilson, Jim (Houghton Mifflin) – Landscaping with Wildflowers, An Environmental Approach to Gardening

Barrett (Firefly) - Maples
Bennett, Jennifer – Berries
Bennett, Jennifer – Fruit Trees
Blackburne-Maze, Peter – Fruit, An Illustrated History
Gardiner, J. M. – Magnolias
Harris, Richard W. – Arboriculture
Harrison, Charles R. – Ornamental Conifers
Kramer, Jack – Indoor Trees
Marinelli, Janet – Growing Fruits
Marinelli, Janet – Growing Trees
Miller, Howard & Lamb, Samuel – Oaks of North America
Murphy, Richard & Meyer Wm. – The Care & Feeding of Trees
Taylor Pocket Guide – Flowering Shrubs
University of Waterloo – Conserving Carolinian Canada
Weiner, Michael A. – Plant a Tree
Zion, Robert L. – Trees for Architecture & the Landscape
Vanpeh, Wilson – The Fragrant Year
Paterson, Allen - Best Trees For Your Garden
Rees, Anthony & Yvonne – Designing With Trees