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More About Hours

The Civic Garden Complex is open –
January to March – Monday to Friday, Noon to 2:40 pm
April to December – Monday to Friday, Noon to 2:40 pm, Sunday & HOLIDAYS 12:30 to 3:30 pm

If the Complex has been rented, the Complex will be closed to the public.

On the days that we are open to the public, there will be a volunteer located in the lobby who will greet you and take you through the Conservatory, and explain other key points of interest regarding the facility. We occasionally allow visitors to walk through the greenhouse during the months when there is not any plant production. If we have a surplus of plants we will usually open up the greenhouse for visitors.

Please ask the volunteer on duty if you are able to enter the greenhouse.

 If you are unable to enter the greenhouse,

 you may purchase plants from the “Plants to Go” cart located in the lobby.

 We keep a wide variety of items on the cart, such as

 house plants,
seasonal potted arrangements,
annuals & perennials (when available)
bulbs (indoor and outdoor) etc.

All proceeds help to fund the City Greenhouses that produce most of the flowers that you see planted within the City of London.

 See our sign at the road side of the Complex entrance for new events or plants for sale.